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At a reasonable cost and hassle free!

We deliver to over 150 countries.

We can provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service.

We can apply for and obtain any BIS export licence dependent on restrictions and approval. Details

We are regularly importing and exporting vehicles in and out of the UK not to mention our operations within Europe, Africa, America, Australia and middle East.
We use a variety of different shipping firms and transport companies so that we can obtain the most competitive rates available.
Running our own fleet of trucks for transporting the vehicles has been our success within this sector.

We negotiate directly with the shipping companies to obtain the best rates for moving your cargo.
We arrange shipments from and to all major ports in the UK.
The shipping to Dar Es Salam, Mombasa, Maputo, Djibouti, Walvis Bay, Durban, Tema, Lagos, Libreville, Jebel Ali, Kuwait, Durban, Lyttelton, Auckland, Georgetown, Valparaiso, San Francisco, Brisbane, Melbourne and other...

Generally shipments go by road to the UK ports including Liverpool, Tilbury, Felixstow, Immingham and Southampton but occasionally when time is a critical factor goods are air freighted out from the local airport (Robin Hood).

UK ports Liverpool, Tilbury, Felixstow, Immingham and Southampton

Our location are ideally placed to deliver to all of the major export ports such as Hull, Felixstowe, Sheerness, Tilbury, Immingham, Harwich or Southampton.
We offer FCL* AND GP* containers from the UK to Worldwide
We are also able to offer RORO* (roll on - roll off ) for the shipment of vehicles.

* FCL (an abbreviation for "Full Container Load" 20' and 40' boxes) shipment provides secure watertight transport from warehouse to warehouse, packed and sealed by the shipper, unsealed and unpacked by the consignee.
Transportation in ocean containers (if the length of the boat does not exceed 19 feet).
It is most cost-effective to charter a 40-foot container that is suitable for most goods.

* GP (General Purpose) containers are suitable for the carriage of most types of cargo.

* RORO (or ro-ro) ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as automobiles, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels.

In all cases we take care of loading your vehicles and equipment, UK haulage, customs entry etc.
Bills of lading and all other necessary documents are sent to you by courier. These will be included in any shipping quote you receive from us.

The buyer is responsible for local port charges, and import duty. We highly recommend contacting a shipping agent at your chosen port of entry who will be able to advise you on these costs as we are unable to give specific advice on rates of duty for every country.

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Hagglund BV206 Personnel Carrier (Petrol/Gasolene)
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Ex Military Fluid Transfer 1000 Litre Tanker Trailer
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Thompson 32,000 Litre Fuel Tanker Trailer

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