MAN CAT A1 6x6 LHD Chassis Cab Trucks

Manufactured by:   MAN
ID: 956 | Ref MOD: 50355
Location:The Rocket site, Doncaster, The UK
Units Available: 4
Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 20,000-40,000 Kms | Year of Manufacture: 1990-1992

The price: P.O.A.
MAN CAT A1 6x6 LHD Chassis Cab Trucks for sale | military vehicles

MAN CAT A1 6x6 LHD Chassis Cab Trucks Width 2.5M

We have just received 4 of these trucks into stock all of which are in excellent condition with 20,000-40,000 kilometres only

These vehicles would be ideal for fitting of a flat bed platform for general cargo, twist locks for carrying of 20ft containers, or overland expedition vehicle.

We can also offer to supply these vehicles fitted with a fifth wheel or fuel/water tank carrier as shown in the example photos below

Auxiliary PTO and hydraulics
13 ton payload
Coil spring suspension

These are the latest current CAT A1 trucks that are in military service and not to be confused with the older model

These vehicles are proving a very popular choice as a base for the off-road motorhome

We propose to install:
1. Atlas AK3006 crane (3,000kg @ 1.7m | 1,550kg @ 3.8m | 1,100kg @ 5.07m)
2. HMF 910 Hydraulic Crane (1,060 Kg @ 7.3m. | 2,130 Kg @ 3.7m| 1,410 Kg @ 5.5m)
3. Hiab 115-1 Hydraulic Crane. (3,000kg @ 2.9m)
4. 20ft flat bed body with 20ft container twist locks

The specification of the Military MAN CAT A1 6x6 LHD Chassis Cab Trucks

Engine Deutz BF81 513 V8 Air Cooled
Gearbox ZF 16 Speed with torque converter

Brakes Air

Steering LHD - PAS
Tyres 14.00R20

Max Load 13,000 Kg
GVW 24,000 Kg

Power transmission

all wheel drive, distributor locking-differential + locking-differential backwards,
engine in the back of driver`s cab


single-plate dry clutch, hydraulic transformer
transmission 6 speed transmission (ZF S 6-65)
synchronizer I - VI
gear ratio reduction 6.734

Electrics 24 volts

Length 9M
Height 2.65M
Width 2.5M

Cab and seats
Cab with 1 driver and 2 passengers without a berth.
An engine is at the rear of the passenger cab

Military MAN CAT A1 6x6 Chassis cab
2.5 mtr was developed by MAN trucks to accommodate loads
with high centres of gravity.

MAN CAT A1 6x6 Comfortable and robust - the leaf suspension.
Like the frame the suspension has stood the test in many thousands
of MAN vehicles. The leaf suspension further developed for
the A1 & SX with long, wear-free, rubber mounted springs, large shock
absorbers and stabilisers absorb most ground irregularities.

100 % torsional stiffness the box-type frame.
The extremely torsion resistant box frame with hollow longitudinal
members and welded tubular cross members put the A1 & SX in a
class of its own. With this design the suspension absorbs even
extreme terrain irregularities. The desired consequence: the body
remains unaffected even during fast off-road driving.

First class order: Maintenance and care
The cab can be hydraulically tilted to a position ideal for
work on the engine and gearbox, air drier, solenoid and
ventilation valves. For day-to-day checks the front panel
gives access to the engine oil filler neck, containers for the
washer fluid, brake and other electric connections. The oil
reservoir for the supply of the steering and auxiliary hydraulics
is situated behind the cab. Thanks to the sight glasses the
fluid level can be checked at a glance.
The cab floor can easily be sprayed out with a water hose for cleaning.

Released from service by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Export Requirements: SIEL Stock (Standard Individual Export Licence)
Orders: 8754

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