Faun Military SLT50-2 8x8 Tractor Trucks

Manufactured by:   Krupp
ID: 295 | Ref MOD: 11713
Location:The Rocket site, Doncaster, The UK
Units Available: 20
Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 15,000 - 59,000 kms | Year of Manufacture:

The price: P.O.A.
Faun Military SLT50-2  8x8 Tractor Trucks for sale | military vehicles

Faun heavy duty ex.military tractor unit, type number SLT-50. Full 8x8 all wheel drive 700hp unit for pulling heavy loads in all condiitons.
3" double oscilating pin with double drum winches for tank recovery.
Each winch has a capacity of 17,000kg.
Engine MTU-Mercedes MB 837 turbo diesel 700hp
Max-Load 90,000kg
EX NATO reserve, low km, us NEW!

Development (The Hystory) Faun SLT-50 8x8 ex military Tractor Trucks

The development of the FAUN SLT 50-2, or Elefant, as it is more commonly known, can be traced back to 1965, when the former West Germany and the US decided to design a tank transporter known as the Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) to carry the MBT-70 then under development by both countries. In the US, the Chrysler Corporation was the prime contractor for the tractor while in Germany FAUN was responsible for the tractor and Krupp for the trailer.

A major upgrade of all 324 tractor trucks was also carried out by FAUN between 1993-2000 as part of the major maintenance cycle. Following the upgrade, the designation SLT 50-3 was applied and 100 vehicles were prepared for long-term storage.

Description Faun SLT-50

The SLT 50-2/50-3 is an (8 × 8) vehicle with powered steering on the front two axles. The fully enclosed cab is of steel and glass fibre construction and has seats for the driver and three passengers. The upgrade programme included the fitting of air-sprung seats for the driver and co-driver.

The drive train consists of a diesel engine coupled to a ZF 4 PW 200 H2 gearbox, W 500 10 torque converter and two-speed transfer box. The original engine was a 29.92-litre Mercedes-Benz MB 837 Ea-500 turbocharged V-8 unit developing 730 hp at 2,100 rpm and 2,650 Nm torque at 2,650 rpm. This was replaced during the SL 50-2 to SL 50-3 upgrade by a more modern, more powerful, and more efficient 21.6 litre Deutz MWM TBD 234 V-12 unit developing 734 hp at 2,100 rpm and 2,799 Nm torque at 1,650 rpm.

Axles are FAUN Type 17 and both front and rear bogies are fitted with a inter-axle lockable differential and each axle has a cross-axle lockable differential. The front and rear bogies are suspended by torque rods and taper leaf springs arranged in parallel with progressive springing. Airbrakes are provided for both the tractor and semi-trailer and an automatic load-sensitive brake valve ensures equal braking under all load conditions. The parking brake consists of spring-loaded cylinders mounted to the rear wheel brakes. A retarder is connected directly to the gearbox and is also connected via an electric control line to the service brakes of the semi-trailer.

Key contents include:

Transport vehicles
Armoured engineer vehicles
Recovery vehicles and equipment
Bridging systems (mechanised, floating and non-floating, and bridging boats)
Mine warfare equipment
Miscellaneous logistic equipment
Manufacturers index

Faun SLT-50 - Different sections provide in depth detail covering:

All-Terrain Carriers And Prime Movers
Armoured Engineer Vehicles
Armoured Recovery Vehicles
Armoured Repair Vehicles
Bridging Boats
Bulk Fuel Storage And Distribution Systems
Camouflage Equipment And Decoys
Field Fortifications And Related Emplacements Equipment


Heavy Equipment Transporters
Light Vehicles
Materials Handling Equipment
Mechanised Bridges
Mine Warfare Equipment
Other Equipment
Portable Roadways
Rapid Runway Repair Equipment/Portable Runways
Recovery Equipment
Recovery Vehicles
Shelters And Containers
Special Attack Vehicles
Tactical (Non-Floating) And Line Of Communication Bridges
Tactical Floating Bridges And Ferries
Vehicle Bodies
Water Supplies

Details Faun SLT-50

Engine: MTU V12 turbo diesel 700hp
Type: MB 837 BA 500
Configuration: V-Form 90 degree
Operation: 4-Stroke with mechanical uploading
Cylinders: 8
Displacement: 29.900 ccm
Total Power : 460-485 kW according to DINby 2200 cpm Max. Rating: 2206 NM by 1750 cpm
Power weight : 11 kW / T Idling cycles: 600-650 cpm ( engine working temp.)
Fuel-Injection order: 1 8 4 2 7 3 6 5 Idling Max. Cycles: 2400 2600 cycles per minute Full-load max.
Cycles 2200 cpm Max. Cyclesrunning: 2350 cpm
Min. cycles running: 1500 cpm
Cooling system: Water circulation-cooling Cooling-liquid: 115 liter by 20 Degree freeze-protected

Transmission: ZF fully automatic
Braking System Air over hydraulic
Steering LHD - PAS on number 1 and 2 axles
Tyres 18.00 x R22.5
Max-Load 90,000kg
Electrical System 24 volt
Length 8.9m
Height 2.9m
Width 3.1m
G.V.W. 23,030kg

Faun SLT-50-3

Released from service by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Export Requirements:

Video Faun Military SLT50-2 8x8 Tractor Trucks

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