UK Personalised Plates

Posted: 2009-08-12
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UK Personalised Plates

UK Private Plates supply Drivers of Vehicles Looking to Aquire Select Plates with Personalised Registration Numbers for immediate transfer.

UK Private Plates owns ALL the plates on offer.

We do not offer registration numbers that we do not own.
Personalised number plates make an ideal gift for that special person or simply a special treat for you.

They can be used to represent initials, names, birthdays, businesses or any other reason you may choose! They represent a great way to hide the age of your vehicle and also make it unique. Personalised number plates can also prove to be an excellent investment for the future.

Plates can be transferred easily to your current vehicle or can be held on retention until such time as you wish to use the number. This is usually for a period of 12 months but can be extended upon payment of a small fee.
UK Private Plates will supply a standard set of acrylic number plates, to DVLA format, free of charge with your purchase.
Shown opposite is a list of the latest plates on offer from UK Private Plates, simply click on the number plate to view the details of this plate and how it looks on a car.

For example here is one of our plates (currently for sale) shown on a vehicle which just happens to relate to a Mercedes or perhaps somebody associated with or is a fan of Formula One Racing?.

To purchase your plate, simply give us a call on 01427-753545 (David Vitalio) Or please send an email to with your enquiry.

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Below you will find all the latest news in descending date order which we feel is of interest to customers past, present and even future.

The our best offers

Hagglund BV206 Personnel Carrier (Petrol/Gasolene)
Hagglund BV206 Personnel Carrier (Petrol/Gasolene)
Scania SBAT 111SA 6x6 drop side cargo truck
Scania SBAT 111SA 6x6 drop side cargo truck

Ex MOD Latest arrivals

Mercedes G Wagon 240 Scout Special Forces for sale
Mercedes G Wagon 240 Scout Special Forces
Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf RHD Hard Top (Remus) for sale
Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf RHD Hard Top (Remus)